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5 Tips To Make Snapchat Work For Your Business

snapchat for business

What is Snapchat?

Snapchat ("snap" for short) is essentially a mobile messaging app. It allows users to send videos and pictures that disappear after a few seconds. It includes a variety of functions such as creative filters for selfies and the ability to screenshot other snap stories.

How To Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat has proved to be much more than a fad for millennials. Today, companies are using the social app to connect and influence their desired clients. To make the most of using Snapchat for your business, you should focus on strategic and condensed content. Here are 5 practical uses of Snapchat for your business:

  1. Keep your content candid - Staying personal goes a long way. Connect with your users in a real way by allowing your employees post directly to the feed (otherwise known as a "takeover"). Capture honest and fun moments worth sharing.

  2. Bring in well-known guests - Even if don't have the ability to feature a Hollywood celebrity on your feed, you can always incorporate important influencers. This could include motivational speakers or local figures (i.e restaurant owners, hometown heroes, etc.).

  3. Call users to action - Encourage followers to visit a website or share on other social media platforms. Boost engagement with special Snapchat filters or contests for prizes.

  4. Promote your username elsewhere - In a study, 45 percent of college students surveyed said they would open a direct snap from a brand they didn’t know, proving that even cold-calling is viable on Snapchat. Be sure to promote your snap username on other social media platforms.

  5. Track your views - Snapchat allows users to see who has viewed your story. This feature allows you to see which viewers are staying faithful and following along.

Although incorporating this into your marketing strategy can seem intimidating, you will surely connect and impress your audience with your savvy knowledge of this popular app.

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