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5 Steps To Turn Social Media Followers Into Paying Customers

So, you have one thousand plus followers on social media. You've built a platform, and now it's time to take the next step in your social media strategy: it's time to turn followers into paying customers. Follow these five steps to make this conversion: 1. Look at the data

Reference your data to see which social media platform generates the most sale leads. Once you identify the most successful outlet, look at your followers' conversations and interests. Pay attention to your followers' shared interests. Dive a bit deeper and step into their shoes. For example: join relevant Facebook groups that your followers partake in to understand their lifestyle and persona. A better understanding of these top-performing followers will help you successfully guide your followers to paying customers. 2. Ask your followers what they want

Consumers on social media are not shy about what they like, dislike, and want. Open up a conversation to gain more insight into their thought process and needs. Reply to every comment, share surveys or social media polls, and see how your competitors respond to customer concerns. 3. Create and promote valuable offers

Everyone loves a good discount. But discount code after discount code is tiresome. Promote quality offers like free downloads, ebooks, case studies, etc. Consider what your audience realistically needs, and then provide a solution. 4. Make your content worth sharing

This ties back to step number three. Share content that's worthy to be shared! Yield something people need or want such as a giveaway, free download, or an event. 5. Incorporate a call to action

Always have a call-to-action. Don't be shy. Direct the behavior you want from your audience. Here are some examples of effective call-to-actions: Actionable words, such as: • Secure your spot • Download • Click here to… • Learn more • Get your copy Build a sense of urgency by using phrases such as: • Last day • Last call • Only two spots left

It takes research and patience to turn followers into paying customers. Additionally, It may take some time, but if you follow these five steps and stay disciplined in your social media marketing efforts, you will generate conversions! Need more hands to help with your social media marketing strategy? Get in touch with our team!


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