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How Small Businesses Can Use Facebook Live

facebook live for small business

Facebook has recently added a very useful application for small businesses to connect with current and potential clients - Facebook Live. Celebrities are not the only ones using Facebook Live. For small businesses, it can be used as a form of outreach to their followers.

Facebook gives priority to live videos over other content in viewers' news-feeds. If used correctly, it serves as a revolutionary method of customer service and initiative to keep clients in the loop.

Here are easy ways for small businesses to use Facebook Live:

Show them what you're all about

It's always fun to get a behind-the-scenes tour! Stream to your viewers all the hard-work that goes into making your business thrive. They will appreciate seeing the dedication that's invested in your business.

Promote an upcoming event

Take your event invitation a step further by using a live video to promote your event. Be sure to include an easy to remember URL to share with viewers. Post the event link in the comments to provide easy access.

Promote new products

Give your audience a sneak-peak of your current product or a product before it is released. You can provide a product pre-order link in the comments.

Answer FAQ's

This is customer service taken to the next level. By using Facebook Live, you can answer an abundance of questions on the spot for multiple viewers.

So now that you know why your small business should be using Facebook Live, consider the following tips prior to your broadcast. These will ensure optimum success for your live video:

  1. Have a plan - Be prepared by creating a layout of the content you would like to present. Have bullet points that are visible to you, but not to the audience.

  2. Implement a call-to-action - Always end broadcasts with a call to sign up for your email newsletter, subscribe to your broadcasts, or check out your products.

  3. Consider your video quality - Make sure viewers can hear you and take them to a space they enjoy seeing with good lighting.

Viewing how other businesses compose their videos to see what attracts and what doesn't is another great way to compose the layout for your broadcast. By investing in the content you want to present, you are on your way to successfully drawing in clients!

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