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How To Gain Twitter Followers

It takes people only a few seconds to decide whether or not they want to follow you on Twitter. Here are few tips to gain Twitter followers within seconds.

1. Update your Twitter profile picture: Update your profile picture to something people can relate to, such as a person, animal, or a place. Use a logo if your business is well-known. Additionally, your profile photo should be good quality. The recommended dimensions for an attractive profile picture that is square shaped and 400x400 pixels.

2. Update your Twitter profile bio: Your profile bio should include your business name and keywords relevant to your brand. Include these elements so people can discover your profile based on relevant searches.

3. Update your Twitter profile link: Many people just put the link to their website homepage in their Twitter bio. However, if you want to turn leads into conversions, your link should lead to an upcoming event, email subscription page, or latest blog entry.

4. Update your Twitter profile header: Your header should promote a current campaign or reflect your company style. People tend to engage with social photos. These stock photo websites have thousands of free photos that you can use them for your header.

5. Pin your successful tweets: Make your tweets more attractive at first glance and pin your best tweet. When you pin a tweet, your Twitter followers see your best tweet at the top of your profile. Be sure to update your pinned tweet with the best, most recent, tweet.

Make these simple adjustments to gain long-term Twitter followers within a few seconds.

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