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5 Social Media Lessons From The Royal Family

social media lessons from the royal family

With all the buzz that surrounds Harry and Meghan, we clearly see that life has shifted for our beloved duchess! Meghan has been an outstanding example of elegance and grace along with her in-laws. However, it's no secret that Meghan was required to take royal etiquette lessons before starting her royal duties as Duchess of Sussex. We too can learn etiquette tips from the royal bunch! Here are five social media lessons we can acquire from the royal family.

#1 Never lose your temper.

Throughout the years, the family has undoubtedly received their fair share of scandalous press and negative commentary, yet they have always responded with grace. When faced with a PR crisis or criticism, it is essential to remain poised.

#2 Share great photos!

It’s unlikely you’ll see any members of the royal family looking scattered in family or paparazzi photos. Keep images on your social media profiles organized, attractive, and always stylin’!

#3 Giving back is its own reward.

All of the family, including the late Princess Diana, have directly contributed to the common good of humanity. They continuously partake in a variety of programs and make time for those who need to inspiration and support. For this, the public admires them. Followers notice and respect businesses that are charitable or care for a cause. Share what you care for!

#4 Be gracious to your adoring followers!

The royal family is never snooty with visitors. Prince William once stated, “The most important thing you can do is to be interested” when he discussed his role as a public figure. This comment is valid whether you are of royalty or a business owner. Make time to acknowledge your loyal followers’ comments or give away a small appreciation gift.

#5 Don't forget to have fun!

Although the family comes from an overall formal lifestyle, they’re always poking fun at themselves and joking around with the public. They are relatable, and people love them for that. Don’t take yourself too seriously and throw some humor into your content!

So, whether you love the royal family or not, keep in mind these five simple lessons to achieve a simply stupendous social media presence for your small business!

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