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5 Ways To Make Your Business Instagram-Friendly

instagram for business

With more than 700 million active users, it's no surprise that businesses are taking advantage of Instagram - a mobile photo sharing app. Instagram allows businesses to express their creativity and connect with potential costumers. As research shows, many businesses on Instagram have increased their revenue tremendously and creating an Instagram-friendly space is a contributing factor. Here is how you can make your business's physical location Instagram friendly and attract customers:

1. Create special events - There are a plethora of opportunities to host an event at your business. Some of these opportunities include, but are not limited to, VIP customer appreciation, fundraisers for charities and local organizations, and fashion shows.

2. Create Instagram-friendly products - Think of visually appealing limited-time products that spark excitement and interest. Starbucks's limited-time Unicorn Frappuccino is a great example of an Instagram friendly product. The frappuccino boosted sales and left clients happy with a instagrammable (photogenic) drink.

3. Add dynamic store components - Consumers not only love a visually appealing product, they like the setting it's being sold in. Nowadays, people look for instagrammable locations to put up on their feed. For instance, lots of independent cafes and restaurants are using their spaces to exhibit art.

4. Keep lighting in mind - Light is essential for a good photo and if you're looking to attract those in the Instagram era, you need to have good lighting. Good Lighting also makes for a positive costumer experience in general!

5. Don't forget about overall customer experience - Once you set the tone for an Instagram-friendly business, don't forget good old-fashioned customer service. Partaking in the social media era is meant to heighten your services but not replace genuine interaction with customers.

Being part of this social media era is vital in order for a business to thrive and it takes effort. Taking these steps will create a positive and fun customer experience!

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