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6 Ways To Improve Your Privacy And Security On Social Media

In 2016 alone, social media scams on the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter drastically increased by 150 percent!

social media security

When we decide to put our lives on a social platform, there's a risk of security hazards. However, there are simple and effective ways to prevent these mishaps from happening. Whether you are concerned about protecting your personal account or your business account, these are 6 simple tips to consider:

  • Employ a strong password - This may not be a password you can easily remember, so write it down. It's worth it. A strong password includes a mixture of numbers, symbols, and capital and lowercase letters. Keep security on your social accounts consistent by changing your password once every three months.

  • Don't rely on default settings - Default settings are privacy settings that are automatically set upon creating a social media profile. The trouble is that most of these settings represent the loosest security standards on any given social media platform. To secure your profile, manually change your privacy and security options under "settings".

  • Don't link personal and business accounts- Even though it make seem hassling to establish two separate accounts (your personal and your business account) it's safer to keep them separate. Hackers may target both your business and your employees. If they figure out one set of login info, they’ll have access to multiple accounts. Be sure to also limit admin privilege to employees who need it.

  • Be mindful about what you share - Obviously, sharing news such as conventions is important as it engages your followers. However, you want to be careful as this could mean your workplace is empty. Perfect news for thieves. While this may seem like an extreme example, social media posts can unintentionally compromise your company’s security. To prevent this from happening, consider if there are potential draws for thieves or people alike. You can always share reviews about conventions and such the week after!

  • Protect your physical access points - Establish secure passwords on all your business tablets, computers, etc. This will protect important business data and social profiles - which can be disastrous if in the wrong hands. To prevent the physical theft of social media data and other sensitive information, invest in a security system for your office.

  • Get rid of accounts that aren't being used - There's no sense in holding on to account that is not being managed and has the potential for hacking. Even though the account isn't in use, a hacked account potentially can expose other sensitive information about yourself or others around you.

Taking these steps to secure social privacy significantly decreases your chances of a hacker or thief mishap.

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