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The Most Tweeted Subjects This Spring

Renewal is one of the many reoccurring themes of Spring. For homeowners, this means decluttering their closets and cabinets. For business owners, this should mean the updating of their social media, especially Twitter.

Twitter is a unique social media outlet in the sense you can reach thousands in your immediate area and beyond with a single hashtag. Other social accounts have copied this trend, but nobody really does it quite like the originator. With an overwhelming amount of nearly 317 million Twitter users, we suggest businesses always stay updated with the latest trends.

A "tweet" should always be complimented with a hashtag. Spring brings on a whole new series of hashtags besides #spring that will optimize your social outreach. Here's what Twitter says people are currently tweeting about:

  • Organization

  • Spring break

  • Exercising

  • Sunshine

  • Flowers

  • Pastel colors

  • Festivals

  • Taxes

  • Baseball

  • Outdoor activities

As seasons shift, it's important to stay updated with the latest trending topics on Twitter, in addition to using hashtags relevant to your business.

Still need to Spring clean your Twitter account? Click here!

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