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Social Media Acronyms Explained

Not knowing your acronyms can be disastrous for your business, TBH (to be honest). In the time of the digital age, you should know what means what so you can follow along and join in on the conversation. It is important to become acquainted with these acronyms commonly used in business meetings and on social media networks:

Network-Specific Acronyms:

These acronyms refer to social-media outlets that are widely used by consumers and professionals. When communicating via email or on a social media platform, you will likely find these acronyms being used opposed to full words:

  1. FB: Facebook

  2. G+: Google+

  3. IG: Instagram

  4. LI: LinkedIn

  5. YT: YouTube

For Business:

These terms are likely to come up in marketing meetings or on professional blogs. By incorporating these acronyms into your own terminology, you demonstrate your knowledge of the business lingo:

  1. B2B: This “business to business” label refers to companies that are selling to other companies.

  2. B2C: On the other hand, “business to consumer” designates a company that is selling to individuals.

  3. PV: This stands for “page views.”

  4. ROI: “Return on investment” measures the money you make in relation to the money you spent to make it. It’s a way of assessing the success of certain promotional or advertising efforts.

  5. UGC: The term “user generated content” encompasses any written or visual material that the individuals using a platform create, from comments or blog posts, to photos or video clips.

Just for Fun:

Often times used on social media or texting, businesses can use these acronyms to show their playful side. These can also be used as hashtags to generate more viewers (example: #TBT to our blog post on how social media marketing boosts customer loyalty!):

  1. FBO: Stands for “Facebook official.” This most often refers to making a public announcement of a life development, such as a new job or new relationship, on Facebook to your entire social audience.

  2. OMG: Stands for “oh my god” or “oh my gosh.”

  3. TBH: Stands for “to be honest.”

  4. TBT: If you’re sharing an old photo, you’ll most likely want to use the hashtag for “throwback Thursday.” Just make sure you post on the right day of the week!

  5. FTW: This acronym of “for the win” initiated in the gaming world, but has become a cry of victory or success for all.

By incorporating these acronyms into your business social strategy, you will be in FTW! To see the full list of important acronyms, click here.

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