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How To Use Twitter Chats For Your Business

what is a twitter chat

What is Twitter Chat?

Twitter Chats are a way for members of a community to connect globally through Twitter and share ideas by using a specific hashtag. It is a formalized session that requires strategic planning. There are many benefits for businesses that decide to run a Twitter Chat. If done correctly, businesses can boost brand awareness, make new connections with relevant Twitter users, and build authority. Here's how to launch a Twitter Chat:

Step 1: Look at other brands' Twitter Chats - Look at existing chats relevant to your industry. Notice the type of topics they are discussing and the lingo they are using. Participate in community chats relevant to your business before starting your own chat. Businesses will reciprocate by participating in your curated Twitter Chat.

Step 2: Pick a time - Consider the best time to host your Twitter Chat. Decide if this will be a weekly or monthly event. Plan on keeping these times and dates consistent so people will expect when to join in.

Step 3: Choose your hashtag - The hashtag you choose should be unique, easy to remember, and relevant to your community. Keep your character count low and avoid abbreviations and acronyms.

Step 4: Promote your chat - Create promotional Tweets and snippets of content from your first chat. If you have connections with others businesses or figures in your field, ask them if they would be willing to promote your chat. Give them a shout out on your profile as a thank you!

Step 5: Plan your topics - Pre-determine what questions you will be asking to your audience. On the day of the chat, share a list of the questions with your audience a few minutes prior to the chat.

Step 6: Set the tone - Kick off the chat with a welcome Tweet that introduces the chat and sets the tone. This should be sent exactly when your Twitter Chat is expected to begin. ask participants to introduce themselves. This introductory period allows participants to get to know each other and make connections with each other. This also gives you a chance to open a dialogue with each of them, relationships which will be the foundation of an engaged chat community.

While your chat needs careful execution, the benefits are worth it. By creating a Twitter Chat, you will optimize your presence on Twitter and build a community.

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