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4 Steps To Host An Instagram Giveaway

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a smart way for small businesses to boost follower engagement, promote a product, and build brand awareness. A huge upside to hosting a giveaway is that it's cost-efficient. However, a successful giveaway that attracts engagement requires strategy. Here's how to host a successful giveaway for your business:

1. Consider your goal(s): What is the end result of your giveaway? Are you looking to boost number of likes? Increase follower count? Promote a product? Your goal should be concise and will ultimately determine what you share on Instagram.

2. Promote: Your giveaway should be shared on ALL of your business's social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Ask employees if they are willing to share the giveaway on their personal social accounts.

3. Offer an incentive: This is the core of your giveaway. What are you willing to offer? You can offer a discount, a gift card, an exclusive event, or a free product. Even though a primary goal for a business is to make money, know that offering something for free will ultimately draw in potential clients, boost engagement, and bring awareness to your business. The small cost is worth it!

4. Be specific with your request: What do participants need to do to qualify for the giveaway? Past giveaways include instructions like tagging friends, re-posting a certain photo from your business's profile, or using a specific and unique hashtag. Requests should be simple.

Once you host your event, be mindful of who is participating and keep fair track of participants. When done right, and Instagram giveaway can be a fantastic promotional tool.

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