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8 Big Reasons Brands Love Using Facebook Live

facebook live for brands

Facebook Live is a fantastic way for brands to announce big news and communicate with customers on a more personal level. It's user-friendly, reliable, and can boost brand awareness if used correctly. Here are some big reasons why brands should use Facebook Live:

1. ‘Simulcast’ - If you're responsible for managing more than one social media page, such as Facebook pages for a restaurant chain, then Facebook live will suit you well. Facebook live allows users to stream one video for multiple pages.

2. Facebook is developed - Facebook Live, and Facebook for that matter, is a well-developed platform. Facebook Live notifies followers when you're about to go live and even gives brand the option to promote their live video in advance.

3. You can save your live video - A live video can be saved afterwards for later marketing use for different platforms. Once a live stream has ended, Facebook automatically saves the video as a regular video like any other post. Dedicated followers won't have to miss out if they weren't able to tune in beforehand.

4. Native analytics - In addition to the standard Facebook Insights video stats, Live analytics have been refined even further to offer information on peak live viewer figures, total reach, reactions, comments and shares. Checking in on your analytics is vital to the success of your Facebook strategy; knowing what type of live content your audience responds well to means you can create more of it.

5. You can stream up to 4 hours - Most live-stream applications let you stream for a limited time, sometimes only a few minutes. However, Facebook allows users to film up to four hours of live content in a single stream

6. A big audience - Facebook says that one-fifth of the videos posted to their platform now come via Facebook Live, and that users spend 3x longer watching video when it's live, compared to pre-recorded or saved video.

7. Great interaction - This highly developed application allows followers to really get involved with the conversation through comments and reactions during the live-stream. You can address any comments or concerns during the video since you are able to see comments while you are recording.

8. It's free! - An amazing tool to utilize for no cost whatsoever. There's no excuse at this point not to use Facebook Live!

Don't ignore these 8 great reasons to get on board with Facebook Live!

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