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4 Holiday Email Marketing Tips

holiday email marketing

If you haven't already started planning your holiday email marketing campaigns, it's time to get on it! The holiday season is one of the busiest - and most profitable - for small businesses.

According to a study from Campaign Monitor, every $1 spent on email marketing generates a return of $38!

Make your email stand out in cluttered inboxes with these tips:

  • Plan Smart - Analyze emails from past years to see what was most popular. Hone in on key reasons that emails succeeded for failed.

  • Increase Interaction - The more time subscribers spend interacting with your email, the more they learn about your brand.

  • Segment Your Subscribers - Leverage email marketing data to understand your customers better. Create customized offers based on where they are in your buying cycle or what may appeal to their specific needs. The more personalized you can get, the better.

  • Get Responsive - Make sure your holiday emails are responsive. Many people are shopping on their mobile phones so keep this in mind when designing your emails.

Now is the time to start planning and implementing your holiday email marketing!

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