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6 Short Video Ideas For Social Media

short video ideas for social media

If you haven't heard, video content has swelled in popularity. More and more people are interested in video content. As a result, businesses have noticed this and have started to make and share videos on major social networks like Facebook and Instagram. However, you don't need to have several years of videography under your belt to produce a successful video. Here are 6 ideas you can use for your next video on social media:

1. Show how to do something - A lot of people love a good easy-to-follow DIY project. Ever get sucked into one those food recipe videos? We have! They're short and simple. You can create something similar that will attract consumers.

2. Highlight your skills - Focus on a skill that your business can offer customers like website creation. Put it in a video. This will be your call-to-action for a particular service.

3. Showcase an event - Take a look at some holidays for the year. There are conventional holidays but there are also some pretty wacky and fun holidays like National Doughnut Day (one of our personal favorites). You can use these fun holidays as leverage and show what your team is doing to celebrate.

4. Reveal a new product - Show how your new product works or create a quick stop motion video (a video made entirely from photos). Brit + Co has the perfect example of what an easy stop motion video looks like to reveal a product. Take a look here.

5. Go behind the scenes - Nowadays, people are investing more in brands that are relatable and less stiff. Show how your team bonds, take your viewers to your next big business event, or let viewers see what you do in your downtime. For example: our team LOVES to capture our adventures in Chicago and share on our Instagram Story.

6. Use what you have: There are a bunch of free resources that let users take content to the next level. For videos, try apps like Flipagram and Hyperlapse.

Video content is the future of social media marketing. With all these amazing resources at our finger-tips, it's possible for anyone to create an awesome video that will attract consumers.

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