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Email Marketing Ideas for April Fools Day

If you're looking to up your email marketing game, April Fool's Day is the perfect place to start. April Fool's Day gives you the freedom to come up with wildly insane marketing ideas that will inevitably turn heads and prompt followers to open your email. Here are a few email ideas you can use for April Fool's Day:

1. Advertise a ridiculous job

Promote a fabricated opportunity to work with your company. This job should be silly and, most importantly, funny! Place a learn more section in the email that will lead viewers to a landing page specially made for this good-humored joke with a call-to-action.

2. Be punny

Some people love a good pun, while others hate them but give it a try. Consider how different puns can relate and work for your brand or company image. A clever pun will take some brainstorming so start with a list of all the puns you know.

3. Mean business

Show you aren't joking around when it comes to a massive sale or a new product. For example, J. Crew eluded from the quirky humor of April Fool's day and sent out a serious promotion.

4. Create a new invention

Awhile back, Domino's created a one-of-a-kind edible pizza box. Now of course. this wasn't true. But could you imagine the excitement if you saw an email in your inbox with the subject "edible pizza box"? You get the idea. New and outrageous is exciting!

But before you send out any emails, you'll need to make sure your email list is up to par, and then you'll be ready to use one of these fun ideas. If you have struggled with your email marketing strategy, make April Fool's Day your time to shine with an email that will grab your audience's attention.

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