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Answer These Questions To Build A Buyer Persona

If you want to identify a target audience, you need to build a buyer persona. A buyer persona represents people who may be interested in your product and will buy your product. These personas have similar traits, locations, and interests. With a buyer persona, you are better able to market your product and generate leads. Create a buyer persona by answering these questions:

  • Location - Where do people from this persona live?

  • Excluding Location - Where do people from this persona not live?

  • Age - What is the age range of this persona?

  • Gender - What is the gender of people in this persona?

  • Interests - What are the interests of people in this persona?

  • Education Level - What is the education level of this persona?

  • Job Title - What does this persona do for work?

  • Income Level - What is the income range of this buyer persona?

  • Relationship Status - What is the relationship status of this buyer persona?

  • Language - What languages do people in this persona speak?

  • Favorite Websites - Why type of website does this persona frequently visit?

  • Buying Motivation - What is this personas reasons for buying your product?

  • Buying Concerns - What is this personas concerns when purchasing your product?

Consider this valuable data when creating ad content or when you run online ads. When you develop your buyer persona, you increase the likelihood of obtaining valuable customers.

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