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Why You Need Facebook Secret Groups In Your Marketing Strategy

Facebook's updated algorithm prioritizes "meaningful interactions": the interactions between family and friends over brands. Brands need to learn how to embrace the new algorithm and use tools that will help them connect with customers, like Facebook Secret Groups. Secret groups, unlike public and closed Facebook groups, cannot be found in a search or viewed.. The type of members that are in a secret group are people with a common goal. They are there to exchange helpful information and ideas, and it's unlikely any trolls will interfere with day-to-day conversations. It's more likely that the members will know each other outside of Facebook given membership is mostly by word-of-mouth, outside of a brand's marketing strategy. Brands can use secret groups to build meaningful interactions and expand their community through regular costumers. There's a good chance they will invite friends who have similar needs. In secret groups, you'll be able to see those needs and prove useful resources, like downloadable guides. People will look at your brand not merely as a business trying to make a profit, but as a helper. Here's how you can kick-start your Facebook secret groups strategy. First, create a secret group:

  1. Click the “Create” button, found in the upper right of the page header, and select “Group.”

  2. Add a name and a few members (this can be your team to start). Additionally, you can personalize invitations to members for an extra touch and explain the group’s purpose.

  3. Choose “Secret Group” under the privacy drop-down.

  4. Start by adding a cover photo and description. You can also add tags and locations.

  5. Under the cover photo click “More” then select “edit group settings.” Here you can control membership approvals, post approvals, and set different group permissions.

Next, build a community:

  1. Consider what problem of your members

  2. Determine why costumers will find your page helpful

  3. Establish clear membership guidelines

  4. Invite trustworthy moderators and people who can help guide the conversations once in a while. Set up a schedule for moderators to make clear when they are responsible for moderating conversations.

Lastly, know the process to join a secret group:

  1. Ask a current member to invite you. For this to work, you need to be friends on Facebook, too.

  2. Check your notifications or your inbox for the invitation.

  3. Read the group guidelines. Most often you’ll find group guidelines pinned to the top of the page, in the group’s description, or in a shared document.

  4. Look out for a new member post. Some administrators will ask new members to acknowledge that they’ve read and agree with the guidelines.

Consider real motives and issues that are important to your customers. Don't assume what you think you want. Analyze your customer data and research to maximize your efforts in secret groups. Secret groups require strategic management, and the process can be made easier with seasoned marketers. We can help you with your secret group's strategy! Let's chat.

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