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3 Instagram Trends You’ll See in 2019

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gone from being just a photo-sharing app among friends to being an essential part of businesses’ marketing strategy throughout the world.

Companies today now have to think of how social media can factor into their marketing strategy from day 1, from businesses creating “Instagrammable” backdrops so they’re geotagged in people’s photos, to stores having giveaways on Instagram and asking people to tag three friends.

The app continues to evolve and grow each day, releasing new Story features, filters, and more. And in 2019, the app will continue to be a powerhouse in e-commerce, public relations, influencer marketing, and video marketing. Here are some trends to look out for in the upcoming year.

1. IGTV and vertical videos will become more popular

As reported in Adweek, Instagram’s videostreaming platform IGTV will become a staple in social media marketing. Plannable’s Vlad Callus said, “IGTV will become the new YouTube in three to five years, and if you’re joining now, you will catch the big wave.” Vertical videos will also become more popular since most people watch videos

vertically on their phone.

2. E-commerce shopping will grow

Over the years, Instagram has made it easier to discover new clothes, makeup, home décor, etc. and buy it directly from the shop without leaving the app. Adweek predicts that Instagram will become more e-commerce-friendly in 2019. But to build community, brand loyalty, and trust, businesses shouldn’t just rely on their online shops—their physical location needs to be just as cool and authentic.

Tammy Joanna, owner of jewelry line Lelograms, said, "Like installations and pop-ups—something you give to a limited amount of lucky people that will create content that finds its way back online. Followers need to see a validation of your online coolness in the real world, and just good delivery of quality products to their door is not going to cut it in 2019. Putting some soul into the brand, though, will go the extra mile."

3. Instagram Stories will be a popular avenue for advertising

While it was a bold move to copy the best product of their direct competitor Snapchat, Instagram Stories has been Instagram’s smartest move yet, as Recode notes. With Instagram Stories, the photos or videos disappear in 24 hours, and there’s less pressure for photos/videos to look amazing.

Recode stated, “It was also public acknowledgment that Instagram had a problem: The glamorous photos and videos that the app had become known for were now too glamorous. The bar for what was ‘Instagram-worthy’ was so high that its users were starting to get intimidated. People don’t climb mountains, eat at fancy restaurants or take beautiful beach vacation photos every day. That meant people weren’t posting to Instagram every day, either.”

Today, Instagram Stories has 400 million daily users. Thirty-one percent of Instagram users post a Story every month, and 47 percent of users watch them at least weekly, Recode reported.

With its more casual tone, Instagram Stories has become a popular way to advertise on Instagram. In Instagram Stories, you can add banners in between the slides of users’ Stories. Socialbakers data shows that the share of Instagram ad placements is rising, reaching 43 percent in March. Adweek predicts that influencer marketing, video ads, and new format types (engagement-based content instead of just promotional posts) in Instagram Stories will become more popular in 2019.

What are some Instagram trends you think will emerge in 2019? Let us know in the comments!

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