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How To Create A Media Kit For Your Blog

Imagine this scenario: a company has contacted you about advertising on your blog. This is the day you've been dreaming of ever since you started your just-for-fun food blog two years ago. The problem? You don't have a media kit to send the advertiser and you don't know where to start.

Don't panic! The goal for most bloggers is to monetize their blog and work with brands. At the very least, you should put together a clean, easy to read document to have ready to send when someone asks for it. Below are great tips from vmac+cheese on what to include in a media kit.

The Essentials

- If you don't have the resources to design a spiffy PDF, use a free service like Canva to tell a visual story about who you are as a brand.

- State who you are, who your blog is, and who your readers are.

- List basic stats (include page views and unique visitors), and reader demographics (check Google Analytics, Instagram/Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, etc for stats like education level, gender, location, etc.)

- List your rates/opportunities. How do you work with brands and how much are you charging for it?

The Extras

- Think about including a reader profile, which could include the reader's age, city, career, household income, and why they read your blog.

- Provide deeper stats like followers on all of your social media networks, your average number of comments, engagement, and RSS subscribers.

- Create a growth chart showing your month over month growth over the last six months or quarter.

- Include any notable press features and any notable brand partnerships you've completed (ask for testimonials from those brands on their experience working with you and what the return on the investment was for them.)

Remember that you'll need to update these stats monthly or quarterly to provide potential advertisers with the most current information.

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