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How To Use Instagram's "Threads" App

Instagram has launched another way to connect with people. Threads is a camera-first messaging app that allows you stay in touch with your closest friends. This "private space" is a standalone app that puts you in control of who can reach you - kind of like a special DM inbox for just your besties. If you like Instagram's Close Friends feature then you'll definitely be into Threads.

Let's take a look at some of the features:

Message Your Closest Friends Use Threads to message the people on your Close Friends list and have a dedicated Inbox and notifications just for them.

Share Photos and Videos Instantly Threads opens directly to the camera and is the fastest way to share a video or photo with your friends on Instagram.

Share Statuses

Find out what your friends are up to by choosing a suggested status or creating your own. You can also turn on Auto Status which automatically shares little bits of context about where you are without giving sway your coordinates.

The Threads app is built off of your Close Friends list so if you don't have one set up yet, you can create one in the app.

Have you downloaded Threads yet? Let us know what you think!

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