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The Ideal Instagram Caption Length

What is your Instagram caption style? Short and sweet? Lengthy? Instagram captions are growing, but by how much? And what's the optimal Instagram caption length?

The story you tell in your caption is just as important as the image you share. It provides a background story, context, personality, inspiration. Your caption is the place to grow a connection with your followers. Having good captions will encourage likes and follows, and drive engagement.

In 2019, we saw long-form Instagram captions grow. According to Fohr, the average caption has more than doubled since 2016. And in 2020, our captions will be an average length of 405 characters (65-70 words)!

Try out some longer captions on your posts and see if your engagement rate increases. It might seem wordy at first, but you'll get into the habit of sharing more and storytelling.

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