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Gift Guide for the Wannabe Influencer

So your sister-in-law started a fashion blog? Your BFF wants to be a mommy influencer? We know *exactly* what the hopeful Instagram influencer in your life wants for Christmas. Click through below to find thoughtful, creative gifts for the social media obsessed people in your life.

A letter board is the perfect way to add charm, personality, and humor to photos.

Use this organizer to store chargers, hard drives, USB cables, power bank, earphones, and more. Perfect for the influencer on-the-go.

Having a professional photographer follow you around isn't feasible, but a tripod to take selfie photos is!

Every influencer knows how important good lighting is and this Ring Light will give you a flawless finish in photos and TikToks.

After a long day of scrolling, and posting, and commenting, influencers want to move to a more comfortable setup to scroll, post, and comment.

Now you can feel good that you've done your part to project your family member into Insta fame! Hashtag influencer.


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