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How to be successful on IGTV

It was predicted that 2018 would be the year video marketing would dominate. From what we gather, consumers prefer informational videos as opposed to long-reads. Thus, the rise of video applications such as IGTV is paving the way for brands' marketing strategy. If you want to put your marketing strategy into full-force, you need to create videos. Here is how to be successful on IGTV:

Make your videos vertical

People want to view content that is easy to look at. Unlike YouTube or other platforms that favor horizontal videos, IGTV gives preference to vertical videos. Viewers do not have to adjust their portrait orientation, flip their phone, etc. to watch a video. Instead, they can quickly scroll through vertical videos.

Consistent Branding

Brands that maintain a consistent image an increased revenue by 23 percent. Consider the color, text, imagery, and overall aesthetic of your brand. Incorporate your brand image into all your videos to maximize your opportunity to gain viewers and boost revenue.

Create a schedule

The videos you share should be well thought out. Consider making an editorial calendar for all the videos you plan to share that month and what each footage should feature. This is a great way to stay organized and keep track of upcoming promotions, events, or other initiatives you want to promote.

Choose the right length

IGTV lets you post videos that are up to an hour long. Unfortunately, no one wants to watch a video for that long. You have to aim for a video that is short enough to keep your viewer's attention, but long enough to share your initiatives and call-to-action. Videos on Instagram generally perform well under 30-seconds while videos on YouTube that succeed are under three minutes. Find a happy medium.

Unsure about your video marketing skills? Want a second pair of eyes from a professional team? Get in touch with our team of marketing gurus and creatives!


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