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How To Use Social Media To Optimize Your PR Game

Social media has revolutionized the way public relations operates. Top public relation firms have adopted social media marketing because they recognize that social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, are essential for content optimization and brand awareness. It's smart for small businesses to utilize social media to elevate their public relations efforts. Here are five ways you should social media can support your PR strategy:

1. To identify influencers: "Influencers" are generally people on Instagram who have a large follower base. They have a solid understanding of the importance of consistent engagement and visual consistency on social. Furthermore, they can expand your brand narrative through referrals and blog posts that gain traction. It's important to identify influencers with a history of success that you can measure such as average retweets per tweet, blog post shares, etc. Too often, brands and businesses work with influencers based solely on vanity metrics, such as follower count, and don't reach their growth goals.

2. To keep tabs on competitors: See precisely how competitors are marketing to their audience, who their follower base is, and the results they produce on social media. Take into account the different CTA's (call-to-action) they include in their social media statuses, their social media visuals, and layout, free resources they are offering, and understand who is following them to gauge the type of people who could be interested in your brand. Brands gain authority when they have a strong social media presence. Make sure you're business is up to par.

3. To connect with journalists: Is there a story you want to pitch to a specific journalist? Use social media to better your chances of securing a placement. Journalists receive many, if not hundreds, of emails a day with pitches from random people. Stand out and form connections with journalists by complimenting them for the recent work, liking their photos, and retweeting their tweets. Journalists are more likely to help someone else who puts in the work to form a human connection rather than a business-oriented one.

4. To address bad press: Bad press can happen to any business. It is essential to address any negative media immediately and carefully. One of the easiest and personal ways to address potentially damaging news is through social media. Form an original and honest statement.

5. To make announcements: There are several ways to make company initiatives and events known such as ads, email blasts, and press. However, with 335 million active Twitter users, 1 billion active Instagram users, and other social platforms with numbers not trailing far behind, social media takes the lead in brand awareness.

So, what do you think? Is social media vital to a brand's PR success? If you're wondering if your social media is optimizing your PR efforts, contact us for a complimentary marketing consultation!

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